98 Chapter 98: The resemblance between cousins

"No more! I can't." Elize lay down exhausted under the Sycamore tree. 

Two hours had passed since they had begun their training, in which Nina had made it her objective to make Elize work her ass off. She was made to run three whole rounds around the ground as a warm up, after which the she wolf began teaching her basic combat moves. Of course her friend was quite attentive so as not to inflict any injuries on her. But that didn't mean that she went easy on her. It was the first time that Elize had to make use of her body to defend herself, and it was not an overtly pleasant exercise. 

Dripping in her own sweat, Elize welcomed the cool breeze of the evening, blowing against her. She tried to calm her pulse which appeared to be pounding hard against the walls of her head. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths, while listening to the leaves rustle above her. The sun was much less since there was only an hour to sunset. 

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