97 Chapter 97: Reunited

"When Irina told me that you'd be coming I was so excited!" Elize exclaimed, hugging the red head in front of her.

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Having Nina back was a relief, she thought. She wouldn't feel all alone anymore. She had missed the pack a lot. It was hard to leave everyone behind and come so far away. But she had no other way. But now that Nina was here, she felt much relieved. Now there would be someone on her side during her training hours- someone who didn't look at her like she was worthless. Elize broke away from the hug and took a long good look at her friend. Her heart filled with joy as she saw the readhead beam at her.

"Haha. I'm more so. I missed you kid." Nina said, patting her head. "You really should have told me before you left. You had everyone worried for a moment."

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