96 Chapter 96: A well deserved punch

Zack's POV

"I heard that you broke up with Nina!" Lang Jin exclaimed.

Zack grabbed his face and pushed him away playfully. Lang Jin was surprised at the sudden move, and couldn't duck in time. He landed harshly against the wall, making cracks around where his body hit the surface.

"Oww!!" Lang Jin complained, laughing.

"Jin!" Eun Ae exclaimed in shock, looking at Zack wide eyed. "You're not kids anymore!"

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Lang Jin's arm seemed to be dislocated, something that usually happened to one of them when they were together. Zack chuckled, and kept walking, waving towards his cousin to catch up. Lang Jin quickly pushed his dislocated arm back into its socket and turned towards Eun Ae with a pout.

"Eun Aeee! Won't you hit him for me?" He whined, pointing towards Zack's back.

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