80 Chapter 80: Vampires don't sparkle

Elize took the last folded piece of clothing from her bag and shoved it into the cupboard. With a satisfied smile, she looked around her new room which was now at its cleanest. The space was quite big for just two people to live in. It was twice the size of her bedroom in her mansion back at the Island. When compared to the last hostel she had stayed in while in school, this was luxury at its finest.

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The floor was carpeted and there was wooden life sized carved partition between the cupboard and the rest of the room. Just behind that was a long plush couch with a polished wooden tea table in front. The door to the balcony was closed, keeping the cold wind from coming inside. Agatha had long finished unpacking her luggage and was lying down on their king sized bed on the opposite side of the room.

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