45 Chapter 45: The Dam Sehlah

Luna sighed. Shaking her head in disappointment, she asked, "Dam Sehlah. It literally means blood rock. Do you remember touching a huge rock which was red in color?"

Elize felt like she was scolded for being dumb. Was she supposed to know of all this? Too bad, she didn't, she thought with resent. Wait, the rock which was red in color? Was the woman talking about the huge rock in the clearing? But as far as she remembered, the rock was called something else. Wasn't it? Keeping this in mind, she asked, "But I thought it was called something else." Elize paused and thought for a while. What was it called again? Suddenly she remembered Alpha Li talking about it in the clearing. Hoping that she got it right, she continued, "Uhh Tohar Sehlah I think. At least that's what the old man said it was."

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