44 Chapter 44: The spirit realm

Sometime during their conversation, Elize had slept off without intending to. It was getting too tiresome to stay awake. She wanted to fight it, but the heaviness weighed down on her eyes like massive boulders. As her eyes shut close, a vision started forming in front of her. She didn't resist it, or more so that she couldn't resist it. The push of the vision was too forceful for her to fight. Looking around, she found herself in a vast plain filled with an ocean of baby pink flowers. She bent down to get a closer look at the breathtaking flower. Each of its petals being delicately shaped with sharp edges, the flower looked a lot like a five pointed star. Elize opened her hands to feel the velvety softness of the plant when someone chuckled from behind her. Startled, Elize quickly took a step away from the sound.

"It's a witch's breath." A melodious voice informed.

Elize turned around to the direction of the familiar voice.

"The Spirit of Ruah Yareach!" She exclaimed excitedly.

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