43 Chapter 43: Tough decisions

Zack's POV

"What do you mean that he is gone?" Zack asked, his voice rising in rage.

He couldn't believe that the man escaped. He had the wolves scour the entire Island since last night. Zack felt stupid for letting him go in the clearing. But he had no other choice. Elize was not in a position to be left alone. But how could they let him go like that? This was unacceptable!

"I'm sorry Alpha." Mikail replied. His head was bent low with guilt.


"Zack." Elize's weak voice interrupted him at the same time that her cold hands grabbed him. Her face was scrunched in protest, making her look like a sulking doll. Zack shifted on the bed turning to face her, the anger on his face disappeared instantly, replaced by a worried look. He had forgotten for a moment that she was sensitive to loud noises since the last few hours.

"I'm sorry baby. I won't shout." He cooed, taking hold of her hand.

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