175 Chapter 175: Thrown in

"C'mon, just a little farther." She said, pushing at the creature's head. 

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The Zhouyu howled, shaking its mane in disagreement. Elize sighed. The creature was being stubborn and refused to budge from the spot. From the last fifteen minutes, she had tried every trick in her book to coax it, but none of it seemed to work. She remembered the report the soldier gave to Lloyd. Milethnor was supposed to be covered in a dark fog of sorts. The land beyond matched the description. 

She could hear the voice of soldiers from somewhere near. The camp must be close, she thought, looking around nervously. Under no circumstance could she get caught here. If Lloyd saw her, then he'd send her back. The only way that she could stay was to stay ahead of him. Besides, she was curious as to what lay beyond the dark fog. Elize could sense the darkness emanating from the wall ahead, like fear coaxing her to come towards it. 

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