172 Chapter 172: The rebellion

Elize peered through the gap between his torso and his arm. At least ten men were standing outside the gate of the enclosure. She didn't recognize any of them other than Droth. Most of them looked tired and worn out. They even had light green robes on, unlike the jet black of the palace guards. They appeared confused at Lloyd's command. 

"My prince," one of them said, stepping forward hesitantly, "we have a message from the Commander of War." 

Lloyd raised his hand, stopping the man before he could advance any further. Elize sighed in relief, her warm breath hitting his naked back. The proximity made her tense. She could smell the sweet scent of his skin. It made her heart race. Her eyes were now fully trained on the contours of his back muscles. She licked her lips nervously. How could someone be so beautiful? She wondered, tugging his shirt tightly around her frame. Lloyd grunted, quickly grabbing her hand. Elize gasped in surprise.

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