171 Chapter 171: At the palace

Elize leaned back on the tree trunk with a happy sigh. It's been a week since she had reached the palace. Though it took her some time to adjust to life in the faery realm, once she did, Elize found the place quite enjoyable. It was different from the human realm. The knowledge that the faery realm existed on earth with only a barrier separating the two lands baffled her. Here, the air was cleaner, the water was cooler, and the sun was never exhausted her.

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The faeries at the palace were all nice to her. Maybe it was because she was the prince's guest, she thought to herself. Speaking of the kelpie, he was always busy doing something or the other his father asked him to do. But he spent his evenings and nights with her. They usually went on secret trips to the nearby villages during that time and would come back only by dawn. 

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