165 Chapter 165: Someone better than him

Zack's POV

Zack smiled, looking at the girl in his arms. She was happily settled on his chest while enjoying the sunset. The setting sun's rays gently rested on her skin, making her cheeks glow gold. Elize was beautiful. He had never met a more beautiful woman in his entire life. He was content staying there in the silence with her. All that mattered was that they were together. 

"My darling Sol, do you think the queen mother and the emperor will agree?" She suddenly asked with a sigh. 

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Zack raised his brows. What was she talking about? He wondered. Suddenly she raised her head off of his chest and turned towards him. His heart stilled. The woman in front of him was not Elize. Then why did she smell the same to him? Where was he? He thought, looking around. 

"Sol? Why are you not answering the question?" She asked, pouting in protest.

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