162 Chapter 162: I don't hate you

Li Jun laughed. "You've grown much more comely. I wonder what you taste like." He whispered, leaning close to her neck. 

Elize screamed in anger, disgusted by the man's touch. How dare he look at her like that?! She wanted to tear his head off, but she was barely able to resist his strength. What happened to her? Why was she suddenly so weak? She wondered, fear creeping into her mind. Li Jun laughed, pulling her hair back. His fangs protruded from his mouth as he leaned closer.

"Let go of me!" She shouted, raising her leg up.

Her knee made contact with its destination. Li Jun grunted, his grip on her loosening. Elize quickly dashed to the other end of the room, as he bent down, miserably clutching the place between his legs. 

"You!" He growled, glaring at her with murderous rage. 

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