157 Chapter 157: You can't resist this

"But I am," Lloyd stated with a mischievous smirk. "And if you're not going to eat, then you can feed me." He said, once again leaning towards her. 

He grabbed her hand, pulling her towards him. Elize pulled her hand back in reflex. To her horror, the prince lost balance and fell on top of her, pinning her to the bed. He looked at her with a look of amusement as blood rushed to her face. Her body started heating up once again, making her gasp breathlessly. 

"Sir, the food." The waiter announced, interrupting their little moment. 

Lloyd rolled towards the side with a chuckle. 

"Leave it there." He said, waving dismissively at the man. 

The waiter nodded, quickly getting out of the room. As soon as he heard the click of the door closing, the prince turned towards a flustered Elize. 

"Now, where were we?" He asked, picking up a few strands of her hair. 

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