155 Chapter 155: The scroll

"Yes, the sacrifice," Karine said, sitting next to her. She had a sympathetic smile on her face as she continued, "Only by a price big enough can everyone be set free. But as long as you don't embrace the parts of yourself that are yours, you will face trials and heartbreaks." She paused before continuing. "Perchance, even lose the people around you." She said in a grave tone. 

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Elize gritted her teeth. She hated that she was finally admitting defeat. What she tried to escape by running away from the Island had found her at her sanctuary. Now, where was she going to go? It's not like she could avoid her destiny if she ran away once again. Her claws started elongating as tension built up in her body. 


"Is that the lost part of the prophecy, or are you giving me free advice?" She asked, her voice almost transitioning to a growl.

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