151 Chapter 151: An unwanted destiny

"Elize, wait!" Nina shouted, running behind her. 

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Elize didn't stop. She kept running, tears streaming down her face. She didn't want to hear or see anyone or anything right now. She hated this feeling- the pain in her heart growing more intense by the second. She felt betrayed and unwanted. Zack had pushed her away- even caused her to get injured. He hadn't even looked at her after he did. And above all, he humiliated her in front of everyone and watched as Heidi insulted her. 

Her hand clutched her chest, pressing the destiny stone against her skin hard. It was throbbing like crazy. Suddenly a cold hand reached out to grab her arm. She instinctively hissed, yanking her hand away from the grip. Her claws elongated as rage filled her head. Although she recognized the person's scent in the back of her mind, her body reacted differently. She mindlessly lashed out, her claws barely missing contact.

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