145 Chapter 145: Problems back home

Zack's POV

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The atmosphere in the room was tense as Zack looked at his subordinate. From what he had heard so far, he couldn't help but worry about the situation back at home. It seemed like things had taken a turn for the worse once again. The witches were getting more impatient every day. There were reports of strange killings of random witches on their side of the Island. And they were adamant about pushing forth the blame on to the wolves. 

It didn't help when some of the pack members also had attested to the sightings of a strange wolf-like creature on their side of the Island as well. Nobody was able to figure out how the beast, even if it existed at all, managed to slip in between the wards set up on either side of the Island. Strangely yet, no harm came to the pack. Even though this was so, a child was reported missing in the last four days. 

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