120 Chapter 120: Belated happy birthday baby

Zack shifted back to his human form as soon as he reached outside the huge mansion. As he had hoped, Nina had kept a stash of clothes in the bush just outside the gates. He quickly changed into the outfit and walked towards the building. With each step that he took towards the place, he could feel the pull of the bond growing stronger. A smile started forming on his face knowing that his mate was inside. He tapped in his pocket to make sure that the little box that he had bought from the old jeweler was still inside. 

'Nina?' He reached out through the pack bond.

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'Finally! You're here!' Nina replied, sounding relieved.

He could sense some tension in her voice. He paused right outside the door, raising his brows. Loud noises were coming from inside the building- one being particularly familiar to him. 

'What is happening?' He asked his packmate, curious.

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