107 Chapter 107: Too noisy

"Having fun yet?" Lloyd asked, holding her close. 

"Yes! Thank you!" Elize shouted, looking up at him with a drunk smile.

Elize thought that the prince had never looked more attractive than he did today. The girl who he'd date would be the happiest. After all, if he was such a good friend to her, then he'd be a better boyfriend to his future girlfriend, she noted. Her drunk mind was not working pretty well, but she knew that she was utterly thankful for the kelpie being her friend. If not for him, she wouldn't have had such a fun night. This was the most fun, that she'd ever had in her life.

"You wanna go back and rest?" He asked, putting on a charming smile.

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Elize shook her head, closing her eyes tightly. Scrunching her face in protest she shouted over the blaring music, "No! I like dancing with you!"

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