103 Chapter 103: The little wolf and the dragon

Elize walked towards the one door she had been hesitating to knock on. But after what happened today, she wanted to blow some steam. And he was the only person who could help her with that. At the moment, she didn't have anything else in her mind. The all-consuming anger that had taken over her being a few minutes ago had left her empty. She didn't want that sadness to prevail. She had thought about what Eun had said again and again. The girl had pointed at her and shouted that she was about to make the transition. Or did she hear that wrong? Was she really going to hurt Eun Ae because of a fit of anger? 

She stopped, reaching the heavily carved set of wooden doors. She raised her hand to knock but paused for a second. Did she really want to go in? She asked herself. What if she regretted it later? Elize hesitated, biting her lips nervously. Maybe she should find someone else, she thought hesitantly. Just before she turned around, the door swung open, startling her. 

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