101 Chapter 101: Relapse

Zack's POV

Zack looked down at the girl sleeping on his bed peacefully. She looked like a little angel. Her black silk like hair was fanned out across the pillow. The rhythm of her chest rising up and down was magnetic, more so since she was barely covered in a thin blanket. Her bare legs were splayed across the expanse of the bed, making him itch to touch them. He took a deep breath, trying to calm his racing heart down. He reminded himself why he was standing there. He had to wake her up- it was time. She had her classes and so did he. He didn't feel like waking her up but, it was essential that she got all the training that she could before her wolf surfaced, he thought. 

Leaning towards her ears, he whispered, "Time to wake up."

"Go away, Agatha!" Elize whined, turning to the other side.

Zack chuckled. She looked so adorable right now, he thought to himself. He ran a finger along the line of her exposed back, making her slightly shiver. 

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