1 Officially together

In year 1996, a sweet couple became officially married couple. It was held on 7th July, with alots of pleasures and blesses by their grandparents, relatives and friends. The house and the wedding tent was tastefully decorated by multiple coloured flowers and lights. On the day of wedding, bride as my mom was so gorgeous and elegant and groom as my dad was looking so smart and handsome with their's traditional wedding costumes which was blue saree with alot of pearls and my dad wore white Indian tradional "Dhoti".

They both happily fullfill their wedding. And they start their life of journey together. Both of them are well understanding personality and caring too. Each month they travels to other countries to relax their mind and pass their time without thinking their own business pressures.

After few months later, they decided to take responsibility as a friendly parent so they plan to having a cute baby in their beautiful life. So they travel to Japan for their honeymoon. At their they were very happy and enjoy for one week at Japan.

After the week they back to Malaysia to start their usual business. Early morning, my dad get ready to his work. While wearing his tie he realised my mom still sleeping. My dad started woke up her, "Darling wake up it's already late for your work". My mom replied him " Baby I feel so tried, maybe I won't go work today" while talking she pull the blanket until shoulder and start to sleep again. With a lovely smile my dad came closer to my mom and gave a forehead kiss and he said " Take care darling, Bye". My mom said "Bye honey take care too" with her sweet voice tone and her half sleepy eyes. Then my dad left the house. My mom started to dream while sleeping.

Suddenly, my mom ran to toilet bowl and vomited until she tried. At the same time she felt drowsy little bit. She suspect maybe it an be a morning sickness. With so happy she did immediate HCG test to detect pregnancy by drop some urine in the tester. For the first time she using HCG tester. She was so nervous and after put her urine drop she can't patiencently waiting for the result of pregnancy . Her eyes widely open and focus for any double line present on the tester.

Her heart beat starts to beat faster. She starts sweating and her body became warm. Suddenly, her eyes turned red and her tears starts to fall off after she saw the double line in the pregnancy tester that confirmed she was pregnant. She took picture with her phone. And she get ready to surprise her husband with a great news.

Immediately, she when to a near by cake shop to celebrate the great news that her husband going to be a great father. She choose a medium size cake topping with chocolate chips. She requested "miss can you write " Soon be Father" on the middle of the cake ? The worker at the shop also said "yes sure can madam", anyways congrats to you madam. My mom blushed and alot of happiness covered her mouth until she became speechless.

Back to home she was eagerly waiting for her sweet husband to announce that she was pregnant. An hour later my dad arrived house with work tired. He enter inside his house. He noticed that her wife look gorgeous with wearing a red fancy gown at the corner of the table with a cake lighten up candle, the hall was decorate with alot of red balloons and red roses.

My dad was shocked and queries, he start thinking, "is that my birthday?" nope, it was June... With alot of questions raise on his mind. But he still keep smiling and get near to his wife. He put his hand on her waist and he asked "what was this all baby, any special day today?" " you also look so gorgeous". My mom nod her head slightly with blushed and she gave the cake knife to cut. "I'm still not get it darling" he said and turn to cut the cake. He saw on middle of the cake written "Soon be Father"

His eyes became bigger and bigger. He secured by alot of happiness and tears felt down freely. "Baby is it true," he asked to my mom with his love eyes. "yes,darling I'm pregnant," she said and hug my dad so tightly. And my dad put his hand on her waist and carry her and around at the same place. Both of them are so happy until the candle melt it self and the candle light gone it self.

Over the whole night they were talking about their future baby until they didn't release the time running. After long talk my mom was lying on his chest and fall a sleep. My father rub over her head and kiss her forehead and said "good night both babies" with husky voice then hebclose his eyes slowly.

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