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After a difficult and lonely life, Arun is reincarnated in a parallel world thanks to his love for animals. In the body of a brilliant vet who doesn't have any success, he wakes up with the ability to hear the voices of pets. And in this new world, they have a very important place, to the point that each human being has a unique pet. Thanks to the new capabilities offered by his system, Arun decides to take over the veterinary clinic he now owns, to help pets and their owners through their problems. But it seems that in this world where pets are as intelligent as humans, understanding them may lead him into complicated cases... What will he discover about this mysterious world, and about the true role of pets ? 1 chapter / day.

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Writing Quality: 3.5/5 Your writing itself is quite good, and there is adequate description in your chapters. The way you have described the interactions of Arun with other characters paints a clear picture of the scene. However, something that I would suggest you work on would be your grammar and mechanics. There are moments where you seem to have forgotten to use full stops/periods at the end of sentences. Also, please read up on the usage of colons. You've used them several times in sentences where a comma would be sufficient. Stability of Updates: 5/5 You mentioned in your synopsis that you would update one chapter a day. So far, you have kept it ~ Story Development: 3.5/5 I actually quite like where your story is going so far. In the beginning, it gave a more 'slice-of-life' feeling, relaxing and comfortable to read. However, after the seventh chapter, there's a sense of mystery being aroused. The plot starts to pick up around here too, which is a plus. Character Design: 4/5 With each character that you introduce, you have made sure to describe their physical features and also shown a bit of their personality through their actions and dialogue. I also like how you've given personality to the pets as well, it's one of the things that I enjoyed while reading your novel. There isn't much mention of Arun's past world or his personal motivations so far, but I'm sure you will/have included them in future chapters ~ World Background: 4/5 After reading the first chapter, I liked how you weaved in a bit of information regarding the world without dumping it bluntly on the reader. The concept of having pets as 'guardian angels' is interesting, as is the [Pet Pact]. Around the eighth and ninth chapter, Arun is taken on a journey to another location. I like how you have described the scenery/landscape of the 'world', although I would suggest you to add a bit more detail. This will help you to build a clearer picture of the world in your readers' mind. E.g: In chapter nine, you describe the landscape of the territory Arun and Astera travel over. To add more depth and allow a deeper understanding of the world (the climate, features/characteristic etc), try to add in more sensory details. sight, sound, smell, taste, touch. //The climate had also changed dramatically. Due to the blistering heat, the vet was forced to remove his blouse. The sun's rays pounded down on them, and Arun lowered his head, seeking to hide from the glare. Since they're flying, you could also mention the presence/absence of wind. While you don't have to add so much detail in every paragraph, making sure to include a few every so often will enhance the reading experience.


Hello, I'm Navakor, the author of the story. Thank you for reading my novel, I hope it is enjoyable. This is a novel about a reincarnated vet in a world where every human has a unique pet by their side. Oh, and he can talk to animals, that's why he want to be the best vet of the world ! Even if it's a story about a veterinarian, there are more and more action as the story develops. There are also a lot of mysteries about the world as well, and I assure you it's worth the read. The novel will never be dropped, and I will post one chapter everyday, so I hope you'll stay until Arun becomes the best vet in the world !


Interesting concept if you are really into pets this could be up your alley. It starts out very slice of life but a few chapters in more mystery is added.


There's a lot of mystery here and it's a good story! I hope you continue! Characters aren't fully developed yet and i can't tell if it's a modern day story or not. But I'm guessing that will come? Please continue! It has a lot of potential! Thank you!


I haven’t even start reading yet, but the synopsis made me go crazy, so here is the bias 5 stars! High expectation here, so hope I won’t be disappointed.


So far I'm loving this story and can't wait to see what will happen in the future and why he has the pet pact.The story is updated slowly but I can handle it because I read other stories but if you don't like stories that aren't always updated you should choose something elese. Right now I like how most of the characters developing there's still a few that I have questions about but most of my answers have been answered .


Interesting concept if you are really into pets this could be up your alley. It starts out very slice of life but a few chapters in more mystery is added.


It's an interesting story with a unique concept (being a vet is a very uncommon concept for a story), it's quite well written and I have nothing bad to say about it.


- A very good read overall. Have to applaud the author for a unique story premise despite the system/cultivator overload in this site. This story do not focus on the system much which is great. - I felt like I'm watching a TV series about veterinarians. It's good. The characters are given ample screentime to develop chapter by chapter which is great. - Myako's a mystery . . . .. . . . . . .. .


All I have to say is author found his niche audience,even through it's not my type of novel that if author kept at it,then i can surely say you will rank much much higher


Cute twist on the Dr. Dolittle idea! I can actually imagine this being a Korean soap opera/drama thing. The MC is loveable and the dialogue is easy to follow. The system part was a bit different than most systems, but I guess it still classifies as a system. I personally hate the usual system sort of novel, so I felt this was better. That is my own biased opinion though.


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I'll give you five star just because i love animal.......... i hope there a lot fluff animal soon more adorable will make me happy.....keep up the good work!!!👍👍❤👍👍


This story is both fast and slow paced in the worst way. Not getting too into the story. . . The main character just opens his own clinic and on basically his second day of seeing real patents he leaves on a unplanned trip out of the city he to save basically his second customer of the day. Then there is a side ark that takes way too long to play out. There is no real set up you don't really know the characters involved and there I just couldn't get excited about the characters or their plights. None of the characters jump out at me.


Okay so now I've reviewed it. It seems like an intriguing novel and the story development is nicely done. Just try to use less commas and the vocab is also fine. The background design is so-so-Overall everything is done in a great manner (Well it isn't my genre but I read it for the review swaps) ;) Good luck DUN FORGET TO REVIEW MY NOVEL!


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I see pets, i see unique taste. And unique is the best........ I light up the stars


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