Parallel - A Virtual Reality.Parallel - A Virtual Reality.

Parallel - A Virtual Reality.

by Skywards

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After choosing to live by himself despite his parents’ protests, Ezequiel stumbles across the unique Virtual Reality game, Parallel. As the first person to buy the game, he gets one request, which leads with his fateful encounter with the future Death Lord, Zenith. Soon, he becomes enthralled with it, quickly earning powers, enemies, and allies alike. Embarking on plots between Kingdoms, Guilds Wars, Epic Quests, battles against Legendary Beings, and finding the way to open the Underworld, Ezequiel goes from a mere mortal to a God in his virtual reality. But can a God protect what is dear to him? Or will he lose everything on the way? Support the author, a.k.a me: *paypal.me/gicetolu Release rate: 5ch/week (MON-FRI) Chapter release will be at 10.00 PM. Cover made by Amber, my girlfriend and my inspiration.

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