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Read Paragon Online novel written by the author Venusean on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering romance, action, adventure, modern, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Cyrus was an orphan who lost his parents in war, and grew up hiding the frustration he has towards the world, and the sadness leftover from the tragedy. During this time, the company Mythic Games, in which his only kin, works as a developer, has released the first VR MMORPG in history, Paragon Online. Inside of this alternate world, there were realistic NPCs, a virtual environment unlike any before, and compelling stories and quests so numerous one could not count them... Thanks to an accidental discovery of his, Cyrus stumbled upon a rare Class that may very well change the future of the game world. Look on as the legendary artifact enchanter leaves his mark on this alternate world! However, not all is what it seems. As Cyrus has to confront his greatest enemy, the country that was responsible for the death of his parents, inside of the game, how will he react? _____________ I can guarantee that the writing will be good and that the story, both in the real and game world, will be very well-developed. The book sometimes discusses dark themes, so beware if you're not too fond of that.


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While I have absolutely no idea where this is going, I suggest that readers heed the warning: do read the prologue! Why? Because it's so much fun to read. And the solid worldbuilding just gets better and better to the point where you start to see an almost cinematic quality in the way things are presented - it makes you wonder, what if there was an adaptation? The language hits that sweet spot for me as well. I really hope to see this grow and gain traction. Brb, reading more.


Honest opinion? While I do like video game novels as I adore all fantasy based novels ,video games have been on the back burner due to how few of them turn out great but this is an exception. just the prologue alone is awesome. Venusean has always been an amazing author with awesome ideas but his one weakness was lack of experience causing his books to lack a certain humanity and causing them to be less than what they could have been but now it has improved. in just the first eight chapters I have seen him showing that he has begun overcoming this weakness and has written a wonderful video game based novel with foreshadowing, humanoid reactions even from Npcs a rare thing in any novel of such a genre even if they are said by lesser novels to be sentient. these ones truly feel as though they're alive just like with other characters specifically the players who he has demonstrated to have their own lives, rich and poor, their own personalities, independent and prideful, psychopathic and broken, kind but with sadness inside etc. I can truly say I can FEEL life in this one like the people are truly person who like what they do but also have their own problems, their own demons, their own pain and their own joys. the world building is moderately paced but unfolds like a divine flowers. as I read it while playing (eurielle - spacemen) I couldn't hold my self back from screaming out in joy. THIS is what I want to see more of. to be honest I believe this might be the point where I surpass a mere fanatic. This great old one known as 《redacted》 leaves you with one simple lesson. Read it. Read it then love it then kneel for you can never love it more than me. also if you ignore my warning I may or may not corrupt you in order to force you to do that but that has merely merely 1000% per cent chance of happening so......Read or die!


Very good plotline, and nicely written! Thinking of reading other projects of the author. Come on folk, what are you waiting for, go and read it.


It reads really well, definitely one of the best pieces I've seen written Both the real world and the game world make you feel completely immersed and it's done extremely well. i didn't feel stressed to learn or remember anything, it simply flowed, If the author keeps this up we are going to have a book worth reading in the future


I've read through most of the author's other book, and I think this one was that but much better as venusean gained more writing experience. Looking forward to the rest, will focus on this book now


The writing quality is good just as the author said in their plot description. To be honest its better to start the story after reading the storyline coz u gonna be confused like me xd but now i get it after feading it. Anyone who enjoys videa game story gonna read it✨MuSt rEaD


First of all, Thank you author for writing this novel. Well, I am not into books based on genre-- video games, BUT, This novel is unique that piqued my interest right away from the start. That's all I have to say. KEEP UP!! KEEP UPLOADING CHAPTERS !!


wow I like this book, there is only two chapter, this not my type of genre, cause iam not that into game and system type but as far as i see it is a good book, actually I am craving for chapters now, and this time this system /game book had piqued my curiosity, gonna wait for the next chapters, readers who r into system stories, give it a try i hope u won't regret, after all the author has good flow of story.


can't say much with 2 chapters so I'm just gonna 5 star everything...........................................................................


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