416 A Simple Task

"Are they still following us?" Kaleesh turned his head to glance at the trees that lined the road behind them. Though no people could be seen, his eyes held a hint of wariness.

"They're still there," Arran confirmed. "But I don't expect them to do anything. They're just Rangers, after all."

Several days had passed since they left the city, with the road to the Wolfsblood Army's leading them through seemingly endless farmlands that held more sheep than people.

But sparsely populated though the area was, Arran and Kaleesh had not gone unnoticed. Barely an hour after they left the city's outskirts behind, Arran had Sensed a pair of Rangers following some distance behind, furtively moving through the trees like wolves stalking prey.

Of course, that comparison only held true on the surface. In reality, the Rangers were more like sheep stalking wolves, with only the laws of Sacrifice protecting them from their quarry.

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