1 Prologue

Its year 2200, George with the help of his Quantum computer Hypnos work to achieve his dream,

George dream of creating a new world that capable to replace the current world, He named the project 'PARADISE'.

He with the help of his Quantum Computer began to create an Artificial Intelligence that capable to replace human on the new world, so that human can interact with the Ai like human interact with other human.

After that he created a world with a peaceful city and gorgeous landscape.

He create list of quest for the human that enter Paradise.

Then he created a monster that human and Ai can fight.

After years of his hardwork he achive his dream, He and Hypnos successfully created Paradise.

Now he need a technology to allow human to enter Paradise, So he created a Vr capsule that capble of doing brain diving,

After all of that he Introduced Paradise to the world.

The world Shocked to an uproar after the release of Paradise.

Paradise time flow is 3:1 compared to real life so people can enjoy a secondary life.

Hence half of the world population play Paradise.


A highschool boy named Alto saw Paradise ads and interested.

He asked his parents to buy him a Vr capsule, Unfortunately his parent can't buy him a capsule due to money shortage.

Alto didn't give up, He remembered that he has a saving in his bedroom.

He asked permission from his parent to buy Vr capsule, his parent allow him to buy capsule.

Alto with his joy face order a Vr capsule online.

Few days later the Vr capsule arrived at his home, he unbox and asemble his Vr capsule after that he put his Vr capsule at the corner of his room.

Next day after a boring school he returns home,changed clothes and eat.

Then he enter Paradise.

And his Journey in the vast world of Paradise Began.