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Paradise Dream


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What is Paradise Dream

Paradise Dream is a popular web novel written by the author Venerable_Truesoul, covering ACTION, MATURE, PSYCHLOGICAL, POLITICS, WUXIA, Martial Arts genres. It's viewed by 13.5K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 2 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 6 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


" What is with this partiality of fate treating some as sacred existences and others as worthless scum ? Even though I am forced to walk beneath the moonlight I shall do it with a mesmerising smile on my face ! I shall be responsible for the Fall of Legendary Empires and the Damnation of the tormented ! In this world where night is eternal ; I shall be a shining pearl , my radiance overshadowing the Sun , the Moon and the Stars ! For I shall enchant the Heavens to dance in my palm !" Jing Ke is a morose teenager who hasn't got much time left to live . After being entrusted by his dead father with an impossible mission which if completed shall offer him a slim possibility to live on he decides to take his destiny into his own hands. Racing against fate he sets off in a quest in a World which has long since been damaged beyond repair after being ravished by Egotistic Tyrants and Foul Abominations all in a bid to seek out the pinnacle of Martial Arts in order to devour the greatest tyrant of them all.


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Hi ! This is the author here , although I'm shamelessly rewarding myself with a 5 star I hope that you guys don't look down on me for that ! The Characters of this Novel are loosely based on Ancient Chinese History and some of my favourite Wuxia Novels like those of the Legendary Master Louis Cha or Jin Yong as he was more popularly known. ( he is also the Godfather of 'Eastern Fantasy' his counterpart in the west would be JRR Tolkien or CS Lewis ) While I am reimagining most of the characters in an entirely unique way I have kept some of the mythos associated with them intact since I feel that failing to do so would in fact be in a way , a heinous crime. So yes most of the characters here are pretty famous and I do encourage you to read about them if you have the time so that you can enjoy this story to the fullest extent ( by the way their stories are a pretty fun read as well and are in a way the ancestors of the Original Webnovels that you are exposed to here !) Jing Ke , the MC here , was in reality somewhat of a Tragic Hero and many legends have been written about his failed assassination attempt on the then King Of Qin who went to become the legendary first Emperor who unified all of China (There have been a couple of movies as well including Hero (2002) , the Jet Li starrer which went into perform quite incredibly at the global stage !) , other characters such as Dongfang Bubai are pretty much household names and are now a part of folklore as much as say , Sun Wukong is . The long intro aside , the story I am writing and the characters that are coming to the fore are entirely my own even if they indeed have an origin elsewhere . So I would like to do my best while 'stepping on the shoulders of the Giants' . Anyway , sorry for the long review and I will make my aim clear through an informal introduction as well but feel free people to comment as you like so that I can gauge my own inadequacy and work hard to improve ! Yours Lovingly Author Kun


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