Paradise - Cap 1. The Past

A long, long time ago... There was a legend that there was a being of light that lived among humans.

It was said that only those pure ones could see their true form. A cyan light angel, who could materialize whatever he imagined.

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In the legends they say that the city this angel had lived was called Betanel. A city that was built around a meteorite that had collided with Earth thousands of years ago. From that meteorite, materials and energy were extracted ... A dense, and ... pure energy ... capable of being shaped and controlled in any way they wanted ... then called it "Essence".

The Angel appeared when the first human came into contact with the Essence. From there, he taught the whole city how to manipulate the Essence and use it to grow the city's prosperity.

But ... For some reason, still unknown, the records say that this angel, archangel, seraph, whatever ... Destroyed Bethanel with his own hands, influenced by a wave of fury. However, defeated by 7 great Astrals, which were the name of the most powerful and skillful people capable of controlling Essence, the angel was forced to hide, so wounded that he was almost dead, he hid in a remote point of the world, and left his "gun" behind. A Pendulum, able to demonstrate the oldest memories of a person, and thereby materialize his greatest desires. The location of this pendulum, is stipulated being in the abyss of the abandoned kingdom of Betanel. On the deepest floor.

So, since these remote times, several people have searched the abandoned kingdom of Betanel in search of locating the Pendulum of Memories, to obtain the power of the Gods ...

They also say ... that Azimael, the Seraphim Primordial, Creacion, is also looking for his old pendulum, to finish the work he had not been able to do before. Only time will tell, what will happen.