Paper Cranes and Fireflies Book

novel - Romance

Paper Cranes and Fireflies


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“The new transfer student from Korea is very smart, a genius, even.” Wang Junkai could not believe his ears when he heard that the new transfer student would become a threat to his position as the top student in their school. Baffled, he was more than willing to go on a head-to-head fight with that new girl. Much to his disappointment, the new girl was not as smart as he believed her to be. Standing at a fairly short height of 156 cm with that goofy smile on her face, Junkai was pretty sure that Eunchae was just another neighborhood idiot. They were too different from one another and had almost nothing in common. They were just like some parallel lines that were not supposed to cross each other’s path. However, eventually, Junkai would find the new girl being so tangled with his own life and vice versa. In a world where everyone seems to be so different from one another, one might just find the similarities between paper cranes and fireflies.