1 Chapter 1: Paper Airplane

Hey, do you know that I like paper airplanes the reason is that their easy to make. I make them for fun sometimes get scolded for wasting paper, people getting hit in the eye, and filling the trash can filled with many used paper that still have a use. There is also another reason I make them, they give the feeling of freedom in this world of suffocating injustice you know why, my father was wrongly accused of murder and the moment that we proved his innocence he committed suicide. The person who committed the murder is still out living his life while my father is dead and his family broken after that incident my mother left me with my grandparents to cope with the grief of her husband and me who was still 10 at the time I didn't know what to do while the grown-ups discussed my father's funeral I just sat at the corner and cried silently after the funeral we all went home and tried to get back living our lives. My mom gave my grandparents money for my monthly expenses my, grandparents were very understanding and took care of me well I grew up well thanks to them and after 3 years my mom was ok and I went home with her. We did so much things these past years and we both go to my father's grave to give him updates about our lives.

"Kathy M. Reigan, wake up its time for school, your gonna be late"

"Coming mom"

Oh shoot I forgot about today gotta hurry

We moved to a new seaside city named Skyline Lights

We moved here because of the sea breeze is cool and refreshing view at night and to start my new life here I will fly my newly made paper airplane out of my window ✈️✈️

"huh a paper airplane" 'looks around' "is she the one who threw this, she must be new here this the first time I see her here"

*"hey bro we need to go hurry"*

"Ok you said it who arrives at school first will treat the person to some burgers got that"

*"Ok ready, get set, go..... Hey that's unfair you went ahead"*

"I dint say anything about counting so bye-bye slowpoke"



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