149 Welcome Allies

One of the dwarves suddenly broke away from the group, leaving Exile feeling speechless. Everything had happened so fast and he had not even had the chance yet to speak to them!

"Thovok, don't you think you're being too hasty? I know you said you provide warriors and so on, but I haven't even told you if I need them yet." Exile frowned as he looked at the small dwarf, who laughed in return.

"Of course you need them! You're originally a Skardian god, right? Skardians are always fighting and I doubt that's changed much in these centuries. Whether it's raiding or fighting among themselves. There's always fighting to be had in Skardia." Thovok gave him a knowing smile, as if he had already seen through the situation that Exile and Eraldsfen were in. "Besides, it was clear with all of those warriors returning that there's definitely trouble nearby. Hell, they didn't even notice when one of my guys here took a look around."

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