151 Impending Disaster

"No! Why!" Jarl Kagran screamed as chains made from bones bound him to the wall.

"Now, Jarl Kagran, you know why." Winter appeared from the black fog that clouded the room. "You denounce the gods. You say we aren't real. You say that Lord Exile must be such a weak god since he won't protect the travellers you kill..."

"You! You're no god! You're a demon!" Jarl Kagran screamed as he stared at her. His eyes went bloodshot from the effort.

"Pathetic! You should know the truth by now, but you still want to deny it... You're just another lost cause..." Winter smirked savagely as a spear made of bone appeared in her hand. 

"No! What are you going to do, Demon?" Jarl Kagran flinched at the sight of the weapon.

"Have some fun, of course..." Winter began to laugh as she lunged with the spear. 

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