157 Hound of the Gods

Exile grit his teeth as he accepted the situation. Although it was supposed to be a hidden trump card, the situation called for it. He activated his spell Hound of the Gods, summoning Skovi from the Mortal Realms.

A flash of golden light appeared next to Exile as soon as he activated it. When the light vanished and was replaced with a massive, snow white wolf, the onlooking players shouted in dismay! They believed that a third wolf had appeared out of thin air to attack Exile! A few brave players prepared themselves to enter that fight. No matter what, they could not let Exile fall so soon!

However, they froze when the wolf let out a howl before lunging forward and biting into the neck of one of the golden wolves. The new wolf snarled as it paced protectively between Exile and the elite wolf it had just attacked.

"What's going on?"

"Why's that wolf helping him?"

"Who cares! As long as it's helping, what's the issue?"

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