Pandora's Hope: The Missing Heir Book

novel - Fantasy

Pandora's Hope: The Missing Heir


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For 18 years, no one stood up and claim the water tribute. For 18 years, Hope Academy trained with only three elementalist. But as the 19th year came to an end, a powerless Pandorian entered the school unintentionaly. Who is she? How can the school gate let her in when she have no powers? Where does she came from? What's her secret? What's her story? No one really knows, even her, or as she say so. But the question everyone wants to know- is Serena Montances gonna be the hope of Pandora? There is no assurance as of what's her identity is, or what's her future gonna be, but it will be surely one of a hella bumpy journey for us to know all of the answers. Wanna take off with us?