1 Respect, love and trust

In life and in relationships, most important things are respect, love and mostly trust which helps in making a strong bond between a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, even among family members.

As they say " there is only one happiness in this life , to love and be loved ".

A black Mercedes Benz slowly drove from the underground parking lot of Lu group of industries. It pass through long wide road and made its way to Rosewood heights.

The streets are full of people at night with there loved ones enjoying the chilly weather. Soon there will be first snowfall of winter.

In the driver's seat of the car, Hope Xi is going home after a long hardworking day at the office. From opened window of driver's seat she is looking at people on streets with there loved ones and friends enjoying festive season while making her way to her apartment.

In her apartment, after having dinner and long shower she settles on the bed when her phone rings, her grandpa is calling. she picks up the call and says " hello grandpa ".

Hope's maternal grandparents has always been looking out for her and she has deep respect and love for her grandfather and her grandmother who passed away when she was 10 years old.

"Hello dear" her grandfather said, " have you had your dinner".

"mmm, I did. I got home more than an hour ago. it's quite late. why aren't you resting yet." hope replied.

Grandpa said "hmm, I'm good and still in good health and you know that I don't sleep so early. it's very cold outside, remember to wear some more warm clothes otherwise you will again have a flu. and also I have a favor to ask you." when said this he paused and then continue "there's a man I thought will be good for you, he's a pretty decent and responsible person. he just returned from London. Since there is a chance of you two getting along, I want you to meet him. Before you ask, I already booked a private room in your favourite Italian restaurant, just be there on time. I know you want to focus on your career now and I promise I wasn't looking for any match for you, it's just that I met a old friend from my military days and we talked about you so she wanted you to meet her grandson. I can't say no to her as she's very stubborn and there will be no expectations from you. she just wants you to meet her grandson that's it and rest is for both of you to decide what you want to do."

Hope was silent for long moment and then she sighed helplessly " okay grandpa I'll go, but just this once." Her grandpa was very happy with the reply and after discussing time and details of private room they hung up.

Hope was staring at black screen of her phone for a very long time and as a helpless smile appeared on her face. Even her grandfather is also starting to make excuses so she will not reject to go on blind date. Hope thought 'let's see what comes after meeting with this person and maybe I should give myself a chance to find someone.'


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