Pampered Wife Book

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Pampered Wife


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Hope Xi, a simple girl who needs to be believe that love is somewhere in her heart, but she need someone true that can awake her dead heart and make her fall in Love. she has a loving family, a sister who is also her bestfriend, grandpa who supports her in every decision, friends who are always there when needed. she has a job which loves, colleagues who work like team. she has everything she ever wished for except a life partner to share her happiness, her love, who is Mr perfect for her. will she be able to find that someone? Stefan Lu, a grandson, a son, a brother, a successful businessman and ex military. Stefan has achieved everything he ever wished for making proud everyone in his family. his employees and business associates admire him for all his achievements. Stefan just have one wish to fulfill which is to find a life partner who will love him with everything she has. he wants a love life like his grandparents and parents for lifetime. will he be able to find that someone? what will happen when these two will meet each other?


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