50 Why Did You Bring Home Such A Hot Potato?

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Shi Beiyu could not help but laugh. He looked at her lovingly. "This will become your home eventually."

Mu Siyin immediately blushed and tried to change the topic. "I'm thirsty. I need some water."

She was thirsty from squatting for so long under the sun. 

Speechless, Shi Beiyu raised his hand to pinch her cheeks before leading her towards the main entrance.

Meanwhile, the onlookers tried not to squirm at what they just saw.

They were so shocked that they stood there, frozen, with their eyes wide and mouth agape. None of them could believe that their Young Master, who seemed uninterested in women, had actually brought a girl home. 

He must like her a lot, then.

This was too good to be true. Could this be real, or was it a dream?

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