8 Showdown With The Evil Stepmother

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Looking at Li Tongzhi's determined expression, Mu Siyin crossed her arms and laughed sardonically. "Who do you think you are? You're just the other woman who rose to the top. Who are you to examine me?"

"Mu Siyin, you b*tch!" Li Tongzhi hated it when others called her "the other woman", and she hated it even more when it was Mu Siyin who said that, hence her face turned into an ugly scowl!

Mu Siyin mocked. "If I'm a b*tch, then you're the oldest and greatest b*tch of all!"

"You're turning against me! After all, I'm still your stepmother, yet you dare insult me? I'm gonna slap the sh*t out of you! I'll tear your clothes off and let's see if other men would take an interest in you!"

Li Tongzhi chided and charged towards her with a raised hand. Mu Siyin simply scoffed and before Li Tongzhi's slap could land on her face, she quickly gripped the latter's wrist. Then, without a moment's hesitation, she held up another hand and gave Li Tongzhi a tight slap!

With a slap, Li Tongzhi dealt a blow to her face. Then…

"Slap! Slap!" While Li Tongzhi was still confused by what had happened, Mu Siyin slapped her again and again until a warm sensation arose in her palm.

Mu Xingyu, who was about to witness Mu Siyin's humiliation, could not help but be enraged as her face sank!

"Mu Siyin! You f*cking c*nt!" Li Tongzhi screamed and she stretched out both arms, wanting to strangle Mu Siyin.

Since Mu Siyin was well prepared for that, she would not let Li Tongzhi attack her. With an icy glare, she seized Li Tongzhi's arms and shoved her on the floor with all her might.

Upon seeing that, Mu Xingyu strode forward to help Li Tongzhi up from the floor. She yelled at Mu Siyin, "Mu Siyin, you b*tch! You're too much!"

Mu Siyin raised an eyebrow and snorted. "Looks like you're the b*tch here."

"You…" Mu Xingyu was trembling in fury.

"Mu Siyin, you c*nt! You're as horrible as your dead mother and sister!" Li Tongzhi's blood was boiling, and she could not wait to snap Mu Siyin's neck.

Mu Siyin's originally icy glare suddenly took on a threatening glow, striking fear into the hearts of Li Tongzhi and Mu Xingyu, who were staring at her.

"Why… Why are you glaring at me?! Your mother is a hussy, your elder sister is a hussy, you're a little… Ahhhh!"

Before Li Tongzhi could finish cursing at Mu Siyin, the latter had bent forward to pick up the teapot on the table and splashed its contents onto the mother and daughter. Soon, the two women were yelling and jumping in fright.

In fact, the tea was already at a lukewarm temperature, which was around forty or fifty degrees celsius. Else, they would have been scalded.

"Ah… It burns! It burns!"

"My face, my face… I'm gonna kill you, Mu Siyin!"

Mu Xingyu screamed like a madwoman as she ran towards Mu Siyin. She had just raised her arms when a stern voice rang out unexpectedly from the doorway. "Enough! Look at you, you should behave yourselves!"

At once, the two hysterical women calmed down as if they had been injected with tranquilizers.

Old Madam Mu entered the room dressed in a black qipao (TN: A qipao is a traditional Chinese outfit for women.) and had a walking stick in hand. Her eyes, which had witnessed the vicissitudes of life, were as cold and aloof as the eyes of a snake. They sent shivers down one's spine.

"Mom, don't you know how horrible Yinyin is? She ruined our dear Xingyu's reputation. I merely said a few words to her and she slapped me. She even splashed us with hot water, look at my face…"

Li Tongzhi looked like a pug, soaking wet, and with her swollen pig-like face, she complained and whined to Old Madam Mu. 

A huge scowl appeared on Old Madam Mu's face as she listened. She swept her harsh gaze onto Mu Siyin and said sternly, "Insolent thing, kneel at once!"

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