34 Now, I Only Think About You

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Mu Siyin stepped forward before she turned around and glanced at Shi Beiyu skeptically. "Do you come here often?" This must be a private room for couples.

Shi Beiyu smiled. "Mm."

"With who?" She stared at him.

Shi Beiyu smiled without saying a word, which made Mu Siyin suspicious. "A woman?"

Yan Ze could not stop himself from laughing. "Don't worry, Miss Mu. Those who accompanied our young master were all men."

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Mu Siyin was surprised. Did that mean his gang of perverse friends?

Shi Beiyu held her arm and teased, "You're jealous that I came here with men?"

Mu Siyin blushed. "No! Anyway… As long as it isn't a woman," she mumbled. 

Shi Beiyu's smile grew wider as he sat Mu Siyin down at the long dining table. He told Yan Ze, "Gu Yifan will hold a press conference this afternoon. Find out the media that he has contacted and send me the details soon."


"Also, send me proof of his affair with Mu Xingyu."


Mu Siyin chirped happily, "You have proof of their affair?!"

Shi Beiyu returned a wry smile. "It isn't hard to investigate them."

Mu Siyin nodded. "Yes, to you, it isn't hard."

He would be able to find out whatever he wanted.

However, it was easier to do things since he already had proof of the affair between Gu Yifan and Mu Xingyu.

"If you want to destroy them completely, the proof can be revealed during the press conference."

Shi Beiyu hinted at her.

"No need," Mu Siyin replied firmly.

Shi Beiyu's gaze darkened at how quick her answer was.

"Why not?"

"If that happens, their reputation will definitely be ruined. But news spreads fast on the internet and gets stale quickly, too. Once this piece of news is no longer popular, they can be together publicly, can't they?"

Shi Beiyu listened and his gaze darkened even more. "You don't want them to be together?"

Mu Siyin chuckled coldly and cast a knowing look at Shi Beiyu. "It's not that I don't want to. I just don't want Mu Xingyu to have peace. The more she yearns for Gu Yifan, the more I'll stand in her way! I like to see her suffer!"

Shi Beiyu's hands twitched as he narrowed his eyes. He then spoke in a deep voice, "So you care a lot about how she stole Gu Yifan from you."

Mu Siyin was blinded by rage a moment ago, so when she heard Shi Beiyu's response, she finally sensed that he seemed peeved.

She gulped and thought that he must have misunderstood her.

She explained hastily, "There's so much hatred between me and her. Gu Yifan is just the final straw that triggered it all. Moreover, there's nothing between me and Gu Yifan. It's not like you don't know…"

By the time she reached the end, a wave of anguish overwhelmed Mu Siyin. She had given her virginity to Shi Beiyu, yet he doubted her.

Shi Beiyu leaned forward slightly and studied her with his deep gaze. "Next time, you're not allowed to think about him again."

Mu Siyin listened and smiled. She got up, stood on her tiptoes, and kissed Shi Beiyu on his lips unexpectedly.

Her kiss caught Shi Beiyu off guard.

He stared at Mu Siyin in bewilderment and did not react for a few seconds.

Looking at the stunned Shi Beiyu, Mu Siyin beamed with joy. "Now, I only think about you."

Shi Beiyu regained his senses and his eyes gleamed with happiness. He declared haughtily, "In the future, you're only allowed to think about me."

Before Mu Siyin could nod, Shi Beiyu had embraced her and lowered his head to kiss her passionately. 

Shi Beiyu was very tall — about 1.90 meters. So although Mu Siyin was not short, there was still an obvious height difference between them, and it looked adorable.

He wrapped his arms around her waist tightly and placed her tiny figure on top of the dining table. Then, he continued to kiss her in a greedy and unrestrained manner…

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