76 I Won’t Touch You Tonight If You Dry My Hair For Me

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Mu Siyin secretly let out a sigh of relief as she looked at Shi Beiyu's smirk. "It's not convenient. I'm on my period now."

Shi Beiyu smiled devilishly. "You don't have to emphasize it. I know."

Mu Siyin blushed. "Then, why did you ask me if I wanted a shower?"

Shi Beiyu raised his eyebrows. "Who says you can't take a shower on your period?"

Mu Siyin immediately became anxious. "What do you know? You're not a woman!"

Upon noticing that she was mad, Shi Beiyu no longer made fun of her. "In that case, I'll take a shower now."

Mu Siyin nodded her head furiously. "Okay, okay, okay. Get on your way."

As Shi Beiyu walked towards the bathroom, wild thoughts of him showering subconsciously ran through Mu Siyin's mind.

She thought about his long legs, broad shoulders, and narrow waist. He had the perfect inverted triangle body shape, and his firm muscles were enough to die for. Also his…

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"Oh my god! What are you thinking, Mu Siyin?"

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