90 I’m Fine. My Brain Will Be Smarter With A Little Burn

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Upon noticing that Mu Siyin's face had paled, Ji Yang immediately blocked her view of her pierced wrist. At the same time, Ji Yang held her other hand and comforted her softly. "It's done. The needle is in."

Mu Siyin heaved a sigh of relief and blinked her eyes before she calmed down. 

Mu Siyin believed that Mu Xingyu stabbing her in her past life had left a psychological trauma in her. She must get rid of this feeling soon. 

She hated how afraid she had become!

"Is it really done, Yangyang?"

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The nurse stood up and said, "It's fine now. This hand must remain still at all times. Don't move it if it's unnecessary, and call for us if you've run out of your medications."

Ji Yang turned around to look at the nurse and said, "Alright. Thank you!"

"No problem. She seems pretty shook up about the injection. You should pour her a cup of water."

"Okay. Sure!"

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