51 He Is Teasing Her Again!

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Mu Siyin blinked and looked at him apologetically. "It's just… Um..."

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"Yeah?" Shi Beiyu raised his eyebrows again.

Mu Siyin made up her mind and said, "Mu Corporation is going through a financial crisis now. Can you help invest in them?"

The corner of his lips curved upward the moment he heard this. With his eyes still on her, he asked, "You want me to save Mu Corporation?"


Mu Siyin nodded her head shyly. "You won't be doing this for free, though. I'll give you ten percent of the shares as soon as things are settled."

Shi Beiyu narrowed his eyes. "Did you say… you'll give me the shares?"

Mu Siyin nodded her head. "Yep!"

She had thought that he would agree to it, but to her surprise, he asked again, "What more would I get from this investment?"

This placed Mu Siyin in a tough spot since she had nothing but the shares to offer.

"What do you have your mind on?" she said as she looked at him with her googly eyes.

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