2 Give Up His Life For You (II)

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Mu Siyin was already incapable of speaking as she lay motionless on the cold floor.

Mu Xingyu smiled, her gaze filled with jealousy. "Shi Beiyu… The man you hated so much!"


It felt as if something had exploded at the back of Mu Siyin's head, bringing her frazzled mind back into focus!

Shi Beiyu… How was that possible?!

No, that could not be!

Her sore eyes stared in disbelief as she tried to lift a trembling arm and press her hand against her bleeding chest.


Was it really him?

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No wonder... He had not visited her last week.

Why was he so foolish?

She did not deserve this from him!

Looking at Mu Siyin, who had been overcome with shock and was on the verge of a breakdown, Mu Xingyu's smile widened. "What a hopeless romantic… To think he gave up his life for you! And yet? You still stupidly pushed him away!"

Mu Siyin felt her chest hurt and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood onto Mu Xingyu's face.

Mu Xingyu shrieked, "Mu Siyin! You idiot! Shi Beiyu must have a screw loose to sacrifice himself to save you! Since today is his funeral, you can accompany him and be a pair of lovebirds in the afterlife!"

A loud thud ensued and all Mu Siyin felt was Mu Xingyu kicking her in the chest before her breathing stopped. She exhaled her last breath with hatred and remorse.

Two lines of blood-soaked tears trickled from the corners of her bandaged eyes, leaving sanguine marks on her cheeks. It was a haunting sight.

If there was a next life, she would make Mu Xingyu pay with her blood!

If there was a next life, she would tell him once, no, a million times, "Sorry..."



So hot…

When Mu Siyin finally regained consciousness, she felt as if she had been soaked in a pool of lava. The burning sensation threatened to reduce her to ashes and it made her feel helpless and frightened.

"So hot… It hurts…"

She fumbled about. At last, she seemed to have touched an iceberg with both hands. She instantly found her salvation through the cooling sensation and hugged the man tightly and greedily!

Shi Beiyu gazed intently at the petite woman who was lighting his fire, and he narrowed his deep, alluring amber eyes.

Mu Siyin's little face was now tinged with a bright red blush. Her long, thin eyelashes quivered like the wings of a butterfly that seemed to beckon and entice the man.

Shi Beiyu tightened his grasp and the dainty woman in his arms was immediately pulled towards his sturdy, muscular body.

"Do you know who I am…"

His low, tender voice resounded by Mu Siyin's ear. At that, the disoriented woman froze and opened her dazed eyes in disbelief.

She could subconsciously make out Shi Beiyu, that god-like man.

"Is that really you?"

She murmured. With reddish, tear-filled eyes, she caressed that perfect face of his.

At that moment, she did not question why she was able to see again or why she did not die, and why she was seeing Shi Beiyu.

"Do you remember?"

Shi Beiyu's gaze radiated enthusiasm. His shiny, amber eyes glimmered brightly, making him even more attractive and charming.

Beads of tears formed at the corners of Mu Siyin's eyes. Instinctively, she muttered painfully, "Sorry…"

Shi Beiyu narrowed his eyes curiously and asked gently, "What's the apology for?"

Instead of answering him, Mu Siyin cupped his handsome face and offered him a kiss before she bit on his lip tenderly and unrestrainedly like a little cat.

Shi Beiyu's gaze was inscrutable. As Mu Siyin became more uninhibited with her bites, the man narrowed his eyes, grabbed her, and pinned her down hard on the bed punishingly!

"Yinyin, you tempted me…"

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