70 An Unexpected Kiss

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Mu Siyin put on some makeup and waited in her room for Shi Beiyu to arrive.

"I'm at your gate now."

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Mu Siyin nodded her head excitedly. "Okay! On my way down."

Li Tongzhi and Mu Xingyu were both watching the financial news in the living room when Mu Siyin made her way downstairs. She glanced at the television and noticed that they were broadcasting about Gu Corporation's limit down.

The duo frowned upon realizing that Mu Siyin was dressed up more delicately than usual.

"Are you going out for a date again, Mu Siyin?" Li Tongzhi glared at Mu Siyin.

Mu Siyin snorted lightly. "None of your business."

She did not cast them a second glance as she headed towards the door.

Their blood boiled seeing how arrogant Mu Siyin was.

With hatred plastered across her face, Li Tongzhi gave it a thought before she chased after Mu Siyin.

Mu Xingyu thought for a second before she rose from the sofa too.

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