Painting the Roses Black. Book

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Painting the Roses Black.


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Nothing but the sweet screams of agony will bring me peace. 15, a young girl purchased from an orphanage, found her life taken at the young age of 20. Life in the institute had never shown her kindness, nor love, only the depravity of human minds. Finally dying, she did not feel any remorse or sadness, instead, joy seeped through her soul as she thought she would finally be free from everything. How cruel the world, and how cruel that not even this one wish was given to her. Very well, since you reject me, I will reject everything as well. Blood will flow where I walk and in doing so, I will paint all the roses BLACK. ***DISCLAIMER*** English is not my first language, so there WILL be many issues. Content will include: Swearing, Gore, Abuse, Sexual Content (Not graphic) Reader discretion is advised.

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