Painful Smile

Author: AJ
Contemporary Romance
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  • 20 Chs
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What is Painful Smile

Read ‘Painful Smile’ Online for Free, written by the author AJ, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: I started going through the alphabets to find the best combination of words.. Varr..neerrr, rarr...wtf, barr..quite poss...


I started going through the alphabets to find the best combination of words.. Varr..neerrr, rarr...wtf, barr..quite possible, gurrr..oh my i'm really bad at this..wait,,marr.. that sounds suitable. wait a minute...could it be?? definitely not !!! but i just sat there staring at the book unable to lift my eyes to look at Shane as the words sunk in. I could feel the burns of his stare at the side of my face but i couldn't move. i managed to get my shaking hands to write the letter "Y" followed by an " M" and an "E" "Marry me" Oh my freaking hot dogs. Too caught up in my surprise, i didn't feel Shane move to kneel before me. " i can't imagine my life with anyone apart from you Riele. You make me feel complete. You stood out among all the women constantly throwing themselves at me and proved that you are one with self respect, class and discipline. Please do me the honors of marrying this fool who is totally whipped by you? I looked at him complete mesmerized and just shook my head. " yes, yes Shane i will" In a swift of a second he lifted me off the ground and swirled me around just shouting and thanking me all the way through. " thanks a lot babe.. i don't think there's anyone happier than me right now. Can we call to tell our friends about it ? " no, no no" " whyyy" " because im hungry you meanie. all your shouting made me hungry." " Oh boy.. I've got a lot of food to stack in this house for this little lady"

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This story is intriguing and fascinating with head banging points. The emphasis on certain words that link to the title is really amazing and very understand. I for one really love this story.


I absolutely love the story. Waiting to read more from the author. I love the African American mix up and the way it's totally different form other "billionaire "stories I've read. The plot is amazing. Kudos to the writer.


The story is lit. I enjoyed it a lot. This writer is very good. Keep more of your stories coming.i absolutely love it. Everything is on point. The synopsis alone can is a real banger


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