Pain Of Loving Too Much Book

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Pain Of Loving Too Much


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A Broken Heart This story touched my heart . It's a story of a young boy his name called Simon, handsome in apearance and tall. The boy was brought up by her mother who was a vegetable seller always provided all his needs he was very intelligent and loved by all his teachers in school because he was humble and intelligent too. One day he felt in love with a girl who was a hard to get, she was very cute but she was hard to fall in love with but Simon was so strong and persistent until she felt for him , the problem was she never gave him all her attention and love he disired, he tried doing all possible means but it was hard Simon loved the girl very mmuch but she showed no interest, sadly he found her cheating on him and his feeling so he was broken and he lost hope of loving again he killed himself and died. Love can kill Don't love too much.