Pain and Tears: A Deckbuilding LITRPG Book

novel - Horror&Thriller

Pain and Tears: A Deckbuilding LITRPG


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To ensure his safety and way of life, Dean must find new cards and grow in power because the world of Kinloralm is a place of constant strife and twisted happenings. Water Hags, Elder vampires, Skinwalkers, Djinns, and Gargoyles are just a few of the creatures that lurk in the shadows of Kinloralm. In a world where danger is just a stone's throw away, everyone has learned that life is hard and filled with uncertainty. Of course, for a normal fellow like Dean, these creatures are far too difficult to actually fight against. Luckily, his brief stay in Limbo, the First Circle of Hell, has left him with quite the parting gift to deal with any issues that may come his way. When the world pushes you, do you crumble or push back?


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