3 chapter 1 Introduction

it was in a business meeting when wekesa and his wife got to know each other,it started like a joke,we can call it love at the first sight.by then wekesa was the chairman of the ultimate mobile company while his wife the secretary in the same company. after the meeting wekesa decided to check of the secretary so as the could have a drink and enjoy a meal.they got in a one of biggest know motel in Nairobi,after the meal amd the drinks it was now time for introduction,they stared at each other not sure who was to start the conversation.after a short silence wekesa decided to break the silence since he wasn't ready to betray his hearts' disire.wekesa had been single for 29 years now and it was now time for him to do something

wekesa:hello maadam secretary

secretary: hello too boss

wekesa: dont call me boss

Secretary: what should i call you then?

wekesa:call me wekesa

secretary : but boss that's not how am used to!

wekesa: I know but you will soon get used to these.

secretary: why this today mr wekesa

wekesa: i have been starring at you for one year now and i have come to like you more than ever

secretary: am sorry wekesa

wekesa: Don't be sorry because soon all shall be well

secretary: otherwise the M's for liking me i appreciated

wekesa: am the one to appreciate not you maadam

secretary: thanks

wekesa: what will you be doing these evening

secretary: nothing mr wekesa

wekesa: will you come at my place for super

secretary: no problem sir

wekesa: Do we call it a date

secretary: yes am sure it pleases you

wekesa: see you there dear .