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[Sponsored] Chapter 183: Naked Examination

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"You didn't finish what you said last night. What other sordid affairs are going on in the village that you haven't made clear?"

The imposing figure of Tsunade stood with her arms crossed. Although she didn't want to interfere, she still wanted to know how bold these shameless old men could be and how much dirty work they had done.

"The Third Hokage sent his second son, Asuma Sarutobi, to the Daimyo's mansion to become one of the twelve Guardian Shinobi."

The somber words of Uchiha Yoru made Tsunade pause; after all, with such a huge conspiracy involving the Sharingan and manipulation from behind the scenes, it meant that these old men definitely had a plot.

"There has always been a voice in the Daimyo's mansion that the Land of Fire should have two jewels, but some inside the mansion feel that one jewel is enough, the same!"

Uchiha Yoru's words were cut off as Tsunade's face turned grim and she snorted coldly; the earth beneath her feet cracked with fine turtle-like patterns.

Uchiha Yoru's pupils shrink upon witnessing this scene. The black high heels, showing a hint of strength, instantly damaged the earth, which looked out of place next to her fair, jade-like feet playfully painted with red nail polish.

"Brat, this is nothing but your wild speculation."

It was clear that Uchiha Yoru's suspicions were entirely his own conjecture without a shred of evidence. Was it just because Asuma went to the Daimyo's mansion?

After all, this conspiracy theory was too big, big enough to start a conflict between the Daimyo's mansion and the ninja village.

The Daimyo's mansion and the ninja village depend on each other and are also restrained due to the war-torn world of the shinobi, where the Daimyo cannot do without the ninja village's war machine, and likewise, the village cannot do without the financial and material support of the Daimyo's mansion.

Faced with Tsunade's threatening gaze, Uchiha Yoru pretended to be silent, which made Tsunade narrow her eyes; this little devil was too detestable, hiding who knows how many secrets.

"Hey, brat, as a ninja of Konoha, now that the First Hokage's weapon has fallen outside, it's your responsibility to find it and bring it back, and your Wood Release!"

At this point, Tsunade's light brown eyes showed a complex emotion. The fact that Wood Release had awakened someone outside was astonishing enough, not to mention why it was an Uchiha.

"Brat, come back to town with me, I need to check your body thoroughly."

As a princess of the Senju clan, Tsunade could not just watch the Wood Release fall into outsiders' hands, especially not an Uchiha. Although the past grievances between the two clans had become history, she was still here.

Since this brat could awaken Wood Release, did it mean she also had a chance?

As a medical ninja, it would be a lie to say Tsunade had not researched this. She might not have Orochimaru's scientific capabilities, but with the finished product in front of her, analyzing it should not be a problem.

On the vast sea, a small flat boat travels towards the Water Country. At this moment, Terumi Mei gazes at the scroll stuffed inside the tool pouch, her eyes revealing a shade of reminiscence.

It turns out it was the deeply emotional kiss from Uchiha Yoru that was stealthily placed in her ninja tool pouch at their parting.

Realizing the truth, Terumi Mei couldn't help but show a hint of annoyance mixed with some disappointment, "So it wasn't a moment of impulse just to take advantage, but to conceal this action."

Slowly opening the scroll, there is a blood-red Sharingan with three tomoe. At the moment of eye contact, Terumi Mei's eyes become empty.

In the spiritual world.

Uchiha Yoru, with a serious expression, speaks in a deep voice: "I know you would find out. Although it is enhanced by the Sharingan, this strand of chakra cannot last long, so I'll keep this brief."

"Everything I've said is absolutely true. If you really want to save the Mist Village, then ally with the powerful and influential people within the village, and you gather forces secretly from the outside. Just wait for the right moment, and once you act, you can coordinate from inside and out."

"The clues I've uncovered indicate that the Mist Village's target in the coming years will be the bloodline clans, and even all bloodline ninja will become targets. You should secretly save these bloodline ninja to preserve some vitality for the Mist Village."

"And there's more!" At this point, Yoru's spirit and chakra are so depleted that his figure becomes somewhat illusory. After a pause, he lifts his head to look at her and says solemnly, "I'm sorry."

This apology might be for the grand conspiracy stirred up by the Leaf Village, or perhaps it's an apology between the two of them.

Watching the fading figure of Uchiha Yoru, Terumi Mei actually shows a smile. Her tall figure walks over slowly, her slender index finger provocatively lifting his chin.

With a very teasing demeanor, Terumi Mei smiles seductively, narrowing her beautiful green eyes, "Uchiha clan, your mental illusion technique is not bad, but this time..."

With a gentle hum, as the spiritual world gradually fades away, the vacant look in Terumi Mei's eyes in the real world slowly refocuses. When she completely emerges from the illusion, she can't help but narrow her eyes, licking her lips, savoring the aftertaste of the moment.

Such a seal placed on the scroll with an illusion technique won't be transmitted back to the original body like a Shadow Clone would, which is why Terumi Mei dared to indulge herself so boldly.

It's like in a dream, where she has to consider too many things in reality, but in the dream, she wants to let loose.

"It seems my charm is still effective."

Facing the waves, Terumi Mei narrowed her eyes. At this moment, she remembered the horrible scene when she was stabbed twice by the other party during their first meeting, and couldn't help muttering to herself: "Who would have thought it would come to this."

Obviously, Konoha is also unstable internally, and the conspiracy of Konoha is indeed too terrifying. She might need to use the power of Uchiha Yoru, or rather, both sides might need to cooperate.

In public, Uchiha Yoru might be able to cause turmoil in Konoha, alleviating the pressure on the Hidden Mist Village. In private!

Terumi Mei revealed a solemn expression, gazing in the direction of the Hidden Mist Village. The sentimentality of a young woman had already been suppressed in her heart. Once, her dream was to change the Hidden Mist Village; now, it is to break this huge conspiracy.

"It looks like you can't hide anymore."

Was the Hidden Mist Village really completely wrong in gradually weakening the power of the bloodline clans? Not necessarily. The bloodline clans occupied too many resources, and those weakened would become more obedient. The resources freed up would be distributed to ordinary ninjas.

The ultimate goal is to make the Mizukage's voice in the Hidden Mist Village more significant. This is what some people think.

This is also why they remained silent and even why numerous bloodline clans chose to be silent because they all believed that the Mizukage only wanted to take back some power.

No one expected that the determination of the Fourth Mizukage was to eliminate all the bloodline ninjas in the entire Land of Water.

Uchiha Yoru is not aware of the significant changes coming to the Hidden Mist Village in the Land of Water. He only knows that he does not want to leave his homeland. Why leave when Konoha occupies the richest land?

Konoha was founded by the Uchiha and Senju. If anyone is to leave, it should be the others, definitely not the Uchiha clan.

He does this not to prove anything but to take back what the Uchiha clan once lost. 

Inside the townhouse.

Uchiha Yoru once again disguised himself as the silver-haired Sesshomaru and returned, showing a despondent demeanor. In the tightly sealed room, Tsunade frowned, constantly summoning various instruments to check the body.

"How is it possible? The First Hokage's cells have an extremely strong devouring ability, still so potent even when diluted hundreds of times," Tsunade said with an expression of annoyance, as if accusing someone of lying.

Lying on the hospital bed, Uchiha Yoru gave a bitter smile and said, "I've told you all I know about Orochimaru's experiments."

"First, the First Hokage's cells were diluted a hundred times, then weakened by toxins to compromise the cells with strong vitality, and finally, they were stably cultivated. After repeating this process several times until the cells stabilized, one could obtain a weakened version of the First Hokage's cells."

Listening to Uchiha Yoru, Tsunade frowned and said in a deep voice, "What method was used to stabilize the cultivation? The cells, already weakened and damaged, it's nearly impossible to cultivate stable cells from them."

"Sage Jutsu!" Facing Tsunade's doubts, Uchiha Yoru directly pointed out this key point, gesturing towards the three black tomoe curse marks on his neck.

Suddenly, Tsunade showed a look of realization, "Orochimaru truly is a genius."

This time, Tsunade rarely praised Orochimaru. As the saying goes, to each their own expertise, Orochimaru's insight in the field of scientific research was incredibly strong.

"The Cursed Seal, I've seen Jiraiya's intelligence analysis on you."

Tsunade then moved closer, her large, fragrant, white jade-like hands appeared before the eyes, the nose enveloped in a tempting scent, but Uchiha Yoru closed his eyes when he saw this.

Tsunade was standing in front of Uchiha Yoru, his head turned to her chest, and she extended her hand very seriously and earnestly to probe for the presence of the curse mark.

However, upon seeing Uchiha Yoru close his eyes calmly, Tsunade's lips slowly curved up in a smirk, yet she feigned a serious expression, "Activate your curse mark, I need to study it closely."

Then, as Uchiha Yoru activated the power of the curse mark, the three black tomoe heated up as if coming to life, slowly spreading to half of his body.

"This is the Cursed Seal One - Half State."

The power of the curse mark then acted up again, and black flame patterns spread all over his body. Uchiha Yoru, with his eyes closed, said firmly, "This is the Cursed Seal One - Perfect State."

At this moment, Tsunade revealed an ardent gaze, admiring as she examined, "Orochimaru really is a genius, to think of using the curse mark in this way."

"The Cursed Seal is a type of sealing jutsu, confining this uncontrollable power with the force of a seal, simultaneously weakening it, and yet, under control when necessary."

The various professional terms came out of her mouth, and Tsunade was so excited that she took off her gloves. Her delicate hands glowed with a faint green fluorescence as she checked up and down.

"With the unique sealing power of the curse mark, control the natural energy to enter the body and mix with the chakra to form this artificial Sage chakra, while also enhancing the body's strength and speed."

"Although it can't be considered Sage Jutsu, and it's only a semi-finished product, this is really a genius idea."

Faced with new knowledge, Tsunade gradually became so engrossed that she showed an excited look, "This form of yours can be called a Pseudo Sage Mode."

"Similar to the state of a tattoo spread all over the body, these black patterns are the parts that absorb natural energy. Because it cannot be controlled and is constrained by the power of the seal, the curse mark can be said to be a valve that automatically absorbs natural energy but can control it within a certain range."

"Normally, natural energy is the most difficult to control, and with your curse mark tattoo state, if the body can't withstand it, then under the constraint of the curse mark, at most it will corrode the cells of the black pattern area, and even as your body can't bear it, the curse mark will forcibly seal."

"Right! Is this for the whole body?"

Speaking professionally, Tsunade excitedly began a full check-up, and even accidentally lifted the lower part. Seeing this scene from the perspective of a scientific doctor, she breathed rapidly and showed an excited and agitated color.

The legs with bulging veins, not only swollen and red, but also covered with black patterns.

Seeing this, Tsunade did not show shyness but instead showed excitement, completely from the doctor's perspective, and grasped Uchiha Yoru's legs.

Under careful examination, even Uchiha Yoru was embarrassingly blushing. He could clearly feel the temperature of the hand, and the other party even continued to move and check.

"Sure enough, my guess is correct, the curse mark also has the ability to constrain, the weaker parts have relatively weaker cells, and similarly absorb less natural energy."

As the examination went on, suddenly Tsunade saw the thigh in her hand gradually become swollen and red, and even a bit trembling. From the beginning, one hand could hold it, but later it took two hands barely.

Suddenly he showed a shocked expression, and even murmured to himself: "The power of the curse mark can strengthen the body, it is truly all-encompassing, it can even strengthen 'legs'."

Facing the constant fluctuations checked by the jade hands was simply torture, especially since the other party was so close that he could even clearly feel the sensation of his breath.

Furthermore, the touch of Tsunade's medical chakra was cold yet warm, a sensation like fire and ice combined. Tsunade even continuously used various medical ninjutsu to examine him.

This examination made every touch extremely sensitive, even—!

Suddenly, Uchiha Yoru closed his eyes and pretended to be dead. His body, already in an excited state due to the curse mark, was being tampered with non-stop, and with the unusual difference in status, it was a mental stimulation.

The physical excitement from the curse mark, coupled with the stimulation of Tsunade's hands constantly casting medical ninjutsu, and the mental stimulation on top of that!

"Brat, you!"

Tsunade, who had been immersed in scientific analysis, suddenly showed anger. Her face and even her hair were covered in essence, and even the ceiling of the room.

Because of the silent curse, there was a strange taste at the corner of her mouth. But now, facing the precious experimental material, Tsunade bore the disgust and forcefully slapped the tree root with a cold snort.

Suddenly, it wasn't over yet.

"Indeed, the curse mark also causes the secretion of adrenaline, accelerating the flow of blood in the heart, and you!"

At this point, Tsunade's expression turned serious, and she looked at Uchiha Yoru and said solemnly: "Logically, the power of the curse mark, though it weakens sage techniques and even restrains them, still erodes the body, and ordinary ninjas cannot withstand the power of the curse mark."

"However, your body is strange, or rather, the curse mark fused with your cells, which can adjust according to the strength of the host's cells, almost to the extent of no cell damage. That is to say, you are the perfect host for the curse mark."

"Through the curse mark you use, as long as you survive the erosion, you can gradually adapt to a new host. It's an extremely dangerous but also tempting power."

After the entire examination, Tsunade immediately showed a sharp glint in her eyes, staring straight at Uchiha Yoru, completely forgetting the embarrassing scene.